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We are not experts or sales reps. We are simply caregivers who believe no one battling ALS should start at ground zero. Instead, they should build on a foundation of learning shared by current and former ALS caregivers and people with ALS. Only someone who battled this disease 24 hours a day 7 days a week can truly understand the daily challenges caregivers and people living with ALS face. This site exists to enable everyone facing ALS to more quickly gain tangible & practical knowledge to overcome daily challenges by providing firsthand, "life learned" insights.

Upcoming ALS Caregiver Workshops

For registration assistance contact your ALS Care Services Coordinator or email register@ALSCaregivers.org

These free workshops are presented by former & current caregivers sharing their insights. There are "Hands-on" opportunities to experience equipment and practice techniques. Talk with caregivers who experienced some of the challenges you may be facing and receive practical suggestions. Most of all, gain an understanding of the journey ahead and proactive steps you can take.

Fri July 21, 2024 1:00-3:00 cst

Overcoming Upper Body Challenges

Online (Zoom)

Fri Aug 16, 2024 1:00-3:00 cst

Key Documents / Resources & Making a Difference

Online (Zoom)

Fri Oct 18, 2024 12:30-4:30 cst

Overcoming Breathing & Swallowing Challenges

Fenton, MO

Fri Nov 15, 2024 1:00-3:00 cst

Taking Care of the Caregiver

Online (Zoom)

All ALS Caregiver Books and Workshop Companion Videos

ALS Caregivers compiled e-books sharing their insights related to overcoming the daily challenges of living with ALS. The e-books below are a quick read that also include pictures, links, "how to" videos and caregiver audio clips on equipment and techniques to overcome the challenges. These are a wonderful resource for everyone facing down this disease. We invite you to click on the books below and experience it for yourself.

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Insights on assistive nutrition alternatives and addressing excessive drooling. Tips on meal-time and drinking techniques.


Insights on tools for overcoming voice weakness, and communication applications. Tips on caregiver alerts, voice banking and message banking.


Many people diagnosed with ALS first notice issues with speech or swallowing. This is called bulbar onset. This provides Insights on what bulbar onset ALS is and tips for handling common symptoms.

Bulbar Onset

Insights on tools to assess breathing and assist with making breathing easier. Tips on handling breathing difficulties.


Insights on tools to compensate for arm, hand, and neck weakness. Tips on daily dressing, personal hygiene, drinking / eating techniques, hands free mobile phone and computer use.

Upper Body

Insights on assistive devices for walking, standing from a seated position with weak legs, and getting up from the floor. Tips on getting out of vehicles, and techniques for leg swelling, cramping and spasms.

Lower Body

Insights on available equipment to make bathing, personal hygiene and dressing easier. Tips to assist with getting into the shower and with bathing.


Insights on equipment to make toileting easier. Tips to assist with transfers to the toilet and toileting.


Insights on assessments associated with unclear thinking or inappropriate emotions and tips on handling these situations.

Not Acting Like Themselves

Insights on what to expect when receiving medicine through an IV and infusion options. Tips for infusing and bathing with PICC lines and ports.


Insights on stretches and exercises that enable retention of functionality. Tips for addressing muscle spasms and cramps and a variety of therapy options.

Keep Your Body Moving

Insights on scooters, wheelchairs, wheelchair accessories and accessible vehicles. Tips on assisting with car transfers, navigating wheelchair obstacles and driving with ALS.

Getting Around

Insights on planning for and navigating accessible traveling with planes, trains and boats. Tips for road trips and accessible destination considerations.


Insights on big and small changes that can make your home more functional for all stages of the disease progression.

Making Your Home Work For You

Insights on disability forms, legal documents, caregiver logs, and equipment logs. Tips for planning clinic visits, available support, and where to find resources on available ALS studies and trials.

Key Documents & Handy Resources

Insights on how to retain close connections with spouses/partners, children, relatives, co-workers and health care providers.


Insights on equipment and best practices to keep the caregiver mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. Tips on leveraging others for assistance and making the most of together time.